Friday, 13 April 2012

Striped Nails

EXCUSE the Really Badly Painted Nails, I've never mastered painting within the nails haha :')
So the other day, I was a tad bored and decided to paint my nails in 'SKY HIGH' and 'SUNSHINE' by Rimmel London, then I went a little adventurous and ermm, exotic by taking my MUA eyeliner (£1) and drawing a line on the nearly dried yellow nail varnish, just to see. I tried to rub it off; makeup wipes, water, handwash, flash multi-action spray, okay maybe not flash multi-purpose spray but you get the jist, and it didn't come off. Mind Blown! It made me so happy thinking that I have made a new discovery that no one knew about before, but I didn't, bubble burst. Anyway, I realised that the MUA eye-liner might of been a completely shit eye-liner (trust me, it's a very poor eye-liner, there's like a plastic stick on the end, not a brush) however, it was really good at drawing stripes and it's only a pound. 
So with a good wash, I dipped it in the MUA black nail varnish and started striping away. JOB DONE. And it was so fast. I now have a new stiper brush as they call it. Looks like the MUA eyeliner came in use after all!
Now for the look, I painted my thumb, index and baby finger in the Rimmel 'sky high' and the middle and ring finger in Rimmel 'sunshine' both are really good nail varnishes, then just went stripe crazy and BAM. Well I hoped you liked this and until next time 


gossip girl haha couldn't resist