Sunday, 20 September 2015


Well... it definitely has been a while. 
2 years? a lot happens in 2 years, apart from growth.. seems it's true, you do stop growing at 18. Hoped I'd be 7 feet tall by now. DOH (credits to homer)

It's time for a fresh start, I'm no longer a teenager, I no longer live at home. I actually have adult responsibilities, I do however miss living off my parents, it's hard having to choose between shoes and food nearing the end of the month.

 But I've missed this little blog, just writing freely whatever comes to mind, making good use of boring evenings instead of snap chatting people videos of myself singing along to Disney songs (yeh it happens), and getting really, weirdly, scarily into it and do things I'd not normally condone.

But get ready for better content, better camera quality and hopefully a newly updated version of this blog, Oh and a new name, sounds more grown up and saucy ;)

I'm excited.
(a lot of buts in this post. teehee)