Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wacky Things About Me

The 25/50/100 random things about me tag is getting around a lot recently and as I'm sat at home listening to the aggressive howlings of the wind and drowning my sorrows in a whipped cream and marshmallow infested hot chocolate as Valentines day approaches (forever alone), I decided to jump on the bandwagon and have a go myself, so here goes...
 1. I never take myself too seriously

2. When I was little, my Dad made me believe there was a ghost living in our house, 'Barney' and I always tried to befriend Barney by leaving him cookies when I go to sleep and talking to him (myself) when I was alone in my room... my parents did worry

3. I used to be a Stardoll addict a few years ago, I have been clean for 7 years now

4. I am easily scared. I accidentally poked my friend in the eye, out of fear, whilst watching, not playing it myself but WATCHING someone else on YouTube play slender

5. I have a severe case of selective hearing as well as a short attention span, but surprisingly, I'm a good listener

6. I laugh a lot

7. I'm allergic to cats and it doesn't help when I stay over my friends house as her cat enjoys sitting on my face when I'm asleep, Kinky Kitty

8. I developed a hatred for apples when I was about 7. I was eating an apple from my packed lunch and it pulled out my tooth 

9. When I'm 30, my little sister will be 12 (I feel so old)

10.  I was in Sugar Magazine, once upon a time
15 year old me lovin' life (sugar mag) / I gon' be 30 and she gon' be 12?!
11. When I was about 6, whenever my tummy was hurting I used to think I was magically pregnant.. I have no idea why. And following that, at 8, I thought if you kissed a boy on the lips, this was how you got pregnant, you have no idea how I much I freaked out when a boy kissed me whilst playing kiss chase. The innocence

12. I can be quite ditzy sometimes, I need to learn to think before I speak

13. I got to sit with the pilots on one of those little planes once. That was when I discovered my fear for heights

14. Eventhough I sometimes come across very girly, I'm actually quite tomboyish 

15. I'm allergic to Pineapple, from all things, Pineapple ... ...

16. I can dislocate my shoulder 

17. I know all the words to the 1st High School Musical soundtrack, and more embarrassing the dance to we're all in this together... get'cha head in the game! 

18. I do a weird little (sometimes subtle) embarrassing shriek whenever I trip or fall, I have no idea why, but it has become a habit - I am a tad clumsy, I managed to break a plate WHILST eating the food on the plate, next thing you know, it's on the floor. It all happened so fast

19. I can put both legs behind my head ... I am a freak of nature 

20. I can be a little (very) weird .. sometimes...
as evidenced 
21. I have a very large family on my mum side, I have a total of 36 1st cousins (probably missing someone out), who live all around the world, which is always the greatest excuse to travel. 

22. I have 1 older brother (who has thee most difficult name to pronounce, my parents got a bit carried away with the Arab inspired names) and a 1 year old sister, Bzi (bitsy) who is half Filipino and German. I'm currently living with middle child syndrome, and here I was thinking it won't affect me at 19

23. My first celebrity crush was Orlando Bloom when I went to see The Lord of the Rings, it's obvious to say the 7 year old me had great taste ;)

24. I got bitch slapped by a monkey on holiday once, most bizarre thing

25. I still check under my bed for monsters, I also can't sleep with my wardrobe doors open. I blame Monsters Inc, that film ruined me. But it would be quite cool to have a monster like Sully coming out to scare me

 I hope you enjoyed this post, I sure had me some fun writing it. Me and my Dad are currently trying to calm our giggles on the memories of the silly things I did and believed as a child - I was such a weird littlen (I'm saying this like I'm no longer a massive weirdo) I shall end this with one more thing,
I take the crusts off my bread, yep I'm one of those people .. and don't get me started on the first and last piece of bread ..

ps. excuse the lame mirror selfies, I was feeling spontaneous 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fit Me : Foundation Review

Whilst trying to maintain control of my stomach after being surprised with the viewing of a certain viral video that has scarred me forever and beyond, I thought what better way to distract my mind from the horrific imagery which will no doubtingly haunt my dreams tonight, with a foundation review (yey). 

I've always had tons of trouble when in search of a good foundation on the high street. None would match my skin tone, they were either too light or too dark never in between, which was incredibly annoying. With this past experience I got slightly scared of foundation shopping as I'd spend quite a lot of money on some, thinking they'd match my skin tone as it looked alright in the store but being horrified by how not alright it really was, also, some high street stores don't let you refund foundations, which is a bummer! So I just stuck to those cheap starter ones, 'Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty foundations' that came in those little tubes and instead of  a variation of different shades only 'light' 'medium' and 'dark' were available (which didn't bother me as 'medium' matched my skin tone) But as they were cheap, they didn't last very long, however I would recommend them to anyone wanting to try foundations for the first time and don't want to spend a lot of money.

 Up until recently I started to get more and more into makeup and I thought it was time I face my fear and go foundation shopping and buy a decent foundation that would last long on the skin and after seeing the (incredibly annoying) advert for the Fit Me range, pretty much everywhere I go, I thought I'd go and test it out. Off I hopped to my nearest Boots and conveniently they had a 3 for 2 offer on the range which was perfect as I got the complete set for about £13 (Horrah) and not to mention, the shade is perfect on my skin, double horrah!

The Fit Me range come in various colours and has foundations available for both undertones 'pinkish undertones and yellow undertones', which is brilliant as I am part of the yellow tones family and it seems there's a gap on yellow undertone foundations as I was never able to find a perfect match of foundation before, they were always pinky. The Maybelline people made our lives easier as well because when you found your shade of foundations, they'll give you the colour of the powder and concealer that will go with it as well, which is great. You don't have to wonder by the Maybelline section at Boots for a while just testing the seeing what concealer and powder is for you too. Well maybe you still should ...

I've been wearing the foundation for a couple of months now and I would definitely recommend it. 
It blends really well into the skin and is very long lasting. It has a very good coverage and if you're ones who enjoy the 'dewy' glow you would love this product. 
The foundation doesn't feel heavy, it's very light. It doesn't feel like you're wearing anything which is always a gooden, let the skin breathe!
The powder is lovely as well. I was a little bit sceptical at first though as it appeared extremely light, but don't worry, it comes out dark and really sets the foundation well and it doesn't lose the whole dewy-ness, instead it compliments the foundation and gives off a natural healthy looking shine. The powder isn't cakey either, the end results is a very natural finish. Double Aya points Maybelline.
And lastly, the concealer. The concealer is rather good. It hides my dark circles nicely and gives out a youthful finish. However, I don't think it's the best of concealers, I'm still sticking to my beloved Collection 2000 concealer 
Overall, I really liked this range and I sure will be sticking to this foundation for a while until I'm ready to embark on a new foundation adventure and go more high end. 

Monday, 4 February 2013


Spotty Playsuit Pinny / Plain Black /  Dress Style Pinny
Decided to play on words in the title there, I know I'll regret naming this post 'Pinaphawr' soon, but what the heck, it seemed necessary at this moment of time. I am loving Pinafores at the moment, they're just too cute, a striped top and plain black pinafore would look amazing. They're so classic and they're cinched in the the waist to give a more flattering fit *gushing*, they differ from all other kinds of playsuits. 
I actually featured the Topshop black ones in my January wishlist and they are yet to belong to me, but, soon. The other two are both from Miss Selfridge, the one with large spots is a playsuit and the little spot ones is a dress. Such an imaginative way to describe them, go me!
ASOS Pinafore 
I am in love with this pinafore, I love the pattern and the style and colours, everything. It's really cute, I do want, but I find it rather daring as I normally choose safe options and go for a plain colour that's easy to style, I really need to break out of this 'safe' habbit I got going on.