Monday, 4 February 2013


Spotty Playsuit Pinny / Plain Black /  Dress Style Pinny
Decided to play on words in the title there, I know I'll regret naming this post 'Pinaphawr' soon, but what the heck, it seemed necessary at this moment of time. I am loving Pinafores at the moment, they're just too cute, a striped top and plain black pinafore would look amazing. They're so classic and they're cinched in the the waist to give a more flattering fit *gushing*, they differ from all other kinds of playsuits. 
I actually featured the Topshop black ones in my January wishlist and they are yet to belong to me, but, soon. The other two are both from Miss Selfridge, the one with large spots is a playsuit and the little spot ones is a dress. Such an imaginative way to describe them, go me!
ASOS Pinafore 
I am in love with this pinafore, I love the pattern and the style and colours, everything. It's really cute, I do want, but I find it rather daring as I normally choose safe options and go for a plain colour that's easy to style, I really need to break out of this 'safe' habbit I got going on.


  1. I adore pinafores, I want the Miss Selfridge one! x

    1. As do I, the polkadot one is too cute :') xx

  2. the one with the polkadots looks amazing! <3