Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sooo Ladylike...

How Do You Doodey...
I really don't deserve to be branded as a 'woman', the kitchen is the last place anyone wants me to go in, even my aunt doesn't allow me to make her kids food when I'm babysitting them, why? because there's a 96% chance I'll burn the kitchen down, okay that's a bit dramatic, lets just say there's a high chance that whatever I make will look good enough to eat, but the taste will be TERRIFYING! 
For Example, today, myself and the lovely Louise decided to make THESE:  COOOOKIES!
So, we bought Jelly Tot Cookie mix. As we bought a ready made mix, we were sure we wouldn't mess it up...WRONG! i blame the butter and the IKEA scale, being so bloody hard to read, don't they understand that some people are mentally challenged!! so we had to add 25g of softened butter- i knew what that meant now hehe, but we didn't know how to work the scale so we just blobbed what we thought was 25g on the scale and after my dad showed us how it works, we learnt that we used about 200g of butter...ooops, which made the cookie mix all sticky, so we thought we could fix it by adding more flour, but there was only a bit of flour left, already we knew this would fail. so we strugged making little balls as the dough was just sticky, but we thought once it's cooked it shall be fine, so we popped them into the attractive oven, only to realise we forgot to add the chocolate chips... so 12mins later, alarm rang, they didn't look ready so we left them in a bit more, got a tad distracted then BAM the smell of burntness arose....yup..but only the back ones were we tried one, spat it out in horror and thought maybe if we decorate them it would taste better. it didn't. Well that was a fail, which follows the story of us attempting to make a MOCCA....
Yeah that might look like a thing of beauty, but it had a decieving taste....BLAUGHH! worst drink ever made. So, so far in life we know that our drinks and deserts shall be a punishment to our future familys. However, not our pasta. 2 weeks ago, we made pasta and sauce, from scratch, yess thats right, we didn't use any Ragu sauce. we also cooked the mince beef, which scared me a little. but the results of the pasta and sauce was AMAZING! 
Sexy Pasta nom nom nom <3
 A photo of Louise modelling out the snazzy pasta. this and the pasta i cooked my boyfriend is probably the best thing i've ever cooked...I can only make pasta, i fail at everything else, apart from cupcakes and cereals oooh and eggs now, i can make eggs and omlettes, but first and last omlette i ever made myself made me feel ill....i'll just leave my mum and Chris to make me omlettes now, they make nice ones that doesnt leave me on the verge of death :')

So yess, this is me, procrastinating doing the final 1,500 words to my photography essay, snazzy. OOTD will hopefully be up tomorrow when i get an new SD card as mine is RUINED! so i have to live with my 5mega pixles from my phooone. hehe 
Byee Hunny-Bee's xoxo

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