Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So, I got these two lush products for a Christmas (belated) and thought hmmm, lets make a review on them. Now i am a big fan of LUSH, when i go past the store i have to go up and down the path passing it just to smell the place....the smell of the shop is jizzaful. Last time, when i say last time i mean October 2011, my friend Shannon and i popped into lush as i had to get a birthday pressie for me madre, and the sales guy 'Tom' ooh i still remember, stopped me and asked if i wanted to try out the face masks, so as a good Samaritan i said hells yeah, whilst he was massaging a bit of the face mask on my hand, he told us a story about how he once opened the door to the post man in a white towel wearing a facemask which just made the postman stare at him bizzarly, bless him, and when he washed off the facemask, my hand felt so smooth and soft to touch, it was incredible, so i discreetly hinted to Shannon, and when i say discretely i mean..."MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A MONTH, YOU'RE BUYING THAT". But she got it for me for Xmas instead, however she got the SEAWEED one. 

 Hand Demonstration that failed as my camera sucks!

She also got me the Sweetie-Pie Wobbly Jelly : Cherry, Coconut and Cassis, which i yet to try.

So the Seaweed face mask: Not gonna lie, i didn't really like the smell or the look of it, it looked quite scary to me, but the finished results of it were incredible, but i much prefer the Blueberry or chocolate ones from LUSH as they smell better and the results are still incredible. 

That's it for me, I shall blog again tomorrow, 
                                                   Byeesss xoxo


  1. I haven't tried any of LUSH's fresh face mask but the mint one is fantastic! I had a go with the Sweetie Pie jelly but it seemed a little silly to go to the effort of crushing it into a lather when I could just use normal shower gel and save myself the hassle- I'll definitely give the seaweed mask a try though xxx



    1. lool that's what i thought with the sweetie pie, i'm too lazy to put effort in my shower gels :') Also you should try the 'Catastrophe Cosmetic'- blueberry fresh face mask instead of the seaweed one, it's soo much better and smells incredible :) xx