Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Snazzy Stoof...

Hello Lovelys..
This week i took some photos for my photography work (which i have realised i am falling a tad behind on...crap!) i really liked the photo's and my lovely models; Samira, Kubra and Shannon had fought in tough weather conditions and instructions from well yours truely, booyah. Poor Kubra and Shannon were in a forest, wearing really thin clothing in this magnificent British weather, for about half an hour each. where we got disrupted by yapping dogs jumping on the models (made my day) and police men, holding blue tape, looking for what i believe a dead body somewhere around the forest, slightly horrifying, which made me jumpy throughout the rest of the shoot, and everyman i saw was a suspect O_O 

I shall start with my little cousin, Samira's Shoot (she's 8)the shoot is documenting child exploitation in things like beauty pageants and of course the French Vogue Magazine that featured a 10 year old girl looking like an adult and doing quite provocative poses.
you can read about that here --> CLICK ME TO READ THE ARTICLE!!
I never went to extreme extent with the photo's, i just added make-up and so far (with permission from parents) and so far you can see that make-up don't belong on little children, but here's a few of my favourite pictures from the shoot;
She soo pretty and looks up to me which makes me feel special :D
 Now comes the Dramatic fashion (avant guard) part of my project, such snazzy photos and here's a few i really loved!
I would like to thank Kubra and Shannon for agrreing to do this shoot for me and all that they had to go through, epecially Kubra, going on the bus in that makeup haha <3
So yeah, that was my photoshooting, the makeup took ages to do, but in the end i did succeed and i am really loving the tree branch makeup, started off as an accident, then BAM i fixed it :')

I think this was the longest blog i have ever done so far, i'm slightly proud of myself, a blog will be up tomorrow or firday (or both days) and one on new years or new years eve, hehe 
but for now, 

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