Saturday, 17 December 2011

Double Whammmy...

As i haven't blogged since Monday, i decided to treat the 2 people reading this blog (myself dressed as a smurf and my boyfriend, who only comes on here to take the piss, thanks babes) and write this blog about CHELSEA BOOOOOOTS! as many people might know  (people who know me and a random old lady on the bus with me one time, such a darling) i have the BIGGEST obession with chelsea boots, they are just so bloody pretty, so i decided to blog about them hehe.... :D
They soooo prettty <3

 Ahhh looking at them is like viagra for the eyes <3 
Unfortunately, they don't belong to me (the socks do though) they are my friends (Ellie-kins) and if i was a size 8 feet size (i'm a 3) i would defiantly borrow these and misteriously lose them whenever she asks for them back, winning ;) 

Chelsea boots - £65 Topshop 
Jolly dazzeling socks - £3.99 H&M

Ahhh i'm all blogged out now. LOVE YA <3 xxx

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