Saturday, 21 January 2012

Excuses, Uggs and a wink...

Whoops... So much for blogging more frequently, well done Suhayla! 
well this week has been quite hectic and busy (LIE) i couldn't find my camera (EXCUSE) had a lot of coursework to do (LIES) haha yeah....okay, maybe i wasn't that busy to blog, i had a lot of chances to blog about something but i was being lazy, good old laziness <3
anyhow, so today i had an interview for UCA (University of the Creative Arts) in SURREY, and as the lovely Kubra and I got back to London Victoria, we saw the most hideous things (well what we believe is hideous, everyone is entitled to their own opinions) silver sequined UGG boots. For those who have/love silver sequined UGG boots...we love them really *nervous laugh*. i'm not really discriminating on UGG boots, i'm just being racists toward these sequined ones. i mean come on, seriously? i think sequined ugg's should only belong on children below the age of 9, they look cute, but on a grown adult...really? we tried to take a photo of the girl, but that she walked so bloody fast, she was racing through the crowd as we tried to race after her, barging through people holding up my phone to 'slyly' take a photo of this random, innocent victims feet, yeahh, i guess we did look quite stalkerish and weird but hey, we were two girls on a mission, a mission to, erm, i don't know where i'm going with this.

<--- annoys me that you can't really see them properly, but look at them, they're sparkling like Edward Cullen's face once they hit the glorious beams of sunlight, scary, i know. As the photo i took with my AMAZING photography was bad, here's a photo i found on the good old google. ----> 

this is just my opinion on them so don't light up your torches and somehow track me down and attempt to kill me with a wooden spoon. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 
Ohh and we were sitting on the train minding our own business when this lady sitting across us was on the phone screaming out her whole life story, apparently a girl named Kate is a b***...oooh and there was this man sitting next to me who just started giggling to himself, made my day as he reminds me of myself when i'm on public transport :')
i shall bid you a farewell with this photo of myself, i look so sleezy and like a true it kinda fits in with the topic. 
A special wink, just for you, YES YOU. 

....ahhh this blog is a tad rubbish, i'm just rambling. so i should go and i will definately have a fashion blog post tomorrow and either sunday or monday :) oh and check out Kubra's Blog :) x


  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog. Love those UGGs! Would love for you to check out mine & if you love please follow & I'll be happy to follow you back.
    Happy weekend xoxo