Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ombre me Gentle...

Hello my beauties...
LOVE ombred hair. ombred hair just livens up someone's head, it makes the hair look fun and attractive, loving it!!
I have really been inspired by this look since last summer, thanks to the gorgeous Alexa Chung and Zoella (a bloggers) I love the contrast between dark brown then BAM the blondness steals the limelight *bitch* i have considered to bob up my hair; love love love Keira Knightley's waved bob, however, my hair is naturally curly and I will never consider cutting my hair very short ever again (it takes ages to grow, thanks dad -_- ....) and dash a bit of golden blonde on my sexy (damaged) tips, hello badboys ;) 
Was going for a shower this morning (i consider 4pm morning) and casually found blonde hair dye in the cupboard, twas so random which gave me the urge to just dye the bloody ends TODAY, but i didn't. i need my hair to grow a bit more first, cut all the damagedness off then, I can go on my ombred mission, and by summer time i shall be part blonde again, like my hair when i was a baby. i think ombred hair looks incredible during the summer sun, well if you go on holiday that is, there's no such thing as summer in England, unless you consider rain as sun...lavely.
 and here is Kubra modelling out her snazzy ombred look. I think i've fallen in love with hair a little too much now. it's worse than my love for Louis Tomlinson. 
well, i am planning to go and catch up on Take me out now, NO LIKEY NO LIGHTY! hehe 
I shall blog away sooon, 
                                NIGHTY NIGHT Lovelys xoxoxo

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