Friday, 17 August 2012

Four.....and it's a Wrap!

Round Four of my photography thaaang and the last....
and that's right, I saved the best Til last.
My favourite of the lot.
Conituned of the hiding identity, it was the hardest to do as this little girl was very impatient and got really stroppy half way through, but I managed to bribe her with some Thornton's choccies ;) I didn't upload a load of these as they're all practically the same with a few variations, but must say these two, especially the top one (are freaky as hell) are rather intirguing, especially the colours and grainy effects given out by the one above, such snazz-a-tazz!
But yas, that concludes my photography journey...


Thursday, 16 August 2012


Round Three HUT HUT HUT!! (don't ask) 
The hidden identity pictures now, these never fail to amuse me as they were literally last minute, I took them on the day of the deadline (WIN) but i think the results were rather snazzy. just ripped out someones eyes from my cosmo magazine, and BAM got myself some material to use for my project...hehe enjoy ;)

Playing around with the colours, me thinks it looks rather snazzy.

 My favourite is the one of my friend Ben, mainly because, as it was a rush, I was unable to find any suitable photos for a guy in the magazine, and this was the only one, and the guys eyes are so tiny hahaha


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Two... c'est tres cliché....

 And it continues, this isn't really my favourite post out of all of them but meh, what the heck, as them hipsters say, YOLO!...gonna go and cut my wrists now, I actually used that horrific word...
I won't lie, but these photos I took because I didn't have anything to edit, etc etc during the millions of hour photography exam. But I do like them in a weird way however much my photography teacher hated them, as they are very much cliché... I was exploring hidden emotions and secrets and added a grainy effect to give them more chracter one would say. 
Although, I guess if I didn't rush these pieces, I  could of done more than sticking a piece of paper with the word 'abused' on the models face and maybe have the models show the emotion, but what the heck, what's done is done.

Just two more left, I promise hehe

Friday, 10 August 2012


I received a letter this morning reminding me that I shall be receiving my A Level results on Thursday (16th August) but what my college failed to tell me before I had finished was that our results will be posted up online, this I was not happy about! I mean, I'd much prefer going into college and finding our my fate and I'll have friends around me who I could celebrate or grieve with if I did bad, but at home, on a Thursday, no-one is even home, so if I do do (haha just said do-do) horribly wrong, I'll be alonsome... .... I don't even have a cat to cry on and absorb my failure-fied tears, madness I tell you! Anyhow, with this daunting reminder, I started to think about my last (and final) photography project and was like "Hey, I didn't blog about those photos" and that's what ima be doing now. Sit back grab some popcorn (Tesco do amazing popcorn for £1, they really do taste like the cinema badboys) and ermm, enjoy?... oh and there are quite a few photo so I'll be doing a different blog post to each different one, as that would make the post a hell of a lot shorter... so I shall now show you a selection BOOM!
Kinda Rushed my photo shopping there as this was my last one to edit before time was up in the exam hehe.

So yasss, that's the first lots... and I should probably explain what the theme was. For our exam, we get given a list of words or subjects and we have to use that one word we selected and develop something with it, so mine was 'Shade' and I dug deep in the word and figured on doing something on hidden identity and secrets and BAM, got these. These were probably one of my favourites from the whole project and my teachers aswell as she wasn't expecting it haha, But yus, this is all To Be Continued... within the next few days 


Friday, 3 August 2012

Suhada Nature

My Mum just came back from holiday a few weeks ago and brought me back some goodies to try out and test, now I have never heard of this foreign brand but I must say, this exfoliating scrub and the face mask (ESPECIALLY) is bloody incredibubble. I applied them the same day I got them and I really couldn't stop stroking my face - once my hands got tired, my legs got in the stroking action to (don't judge I'm a little strange) - 

I kinda love the little pot they come in as well, it's the wood that does it for me -  the wooden lid you dirty sausage. I some what love the same, it smells quite coconutty but a bit, I dunno.... nice.

I like the texture of the face mask and exfoliator as well as it's not like the normal cream/gel based exfoliator/face mask you get, these products are powdery substances, well the face mask is powdery, the exfoliator is bits of powdery/shredded bits... anyway, you get the product and combine with Luke-warm water until creamy then BAM mixture is ready.

Suhada Nature - Face Mask Rice-Bamboo
"Suhada Nature Rice-Bamboo face mask harnesses the power of nature to cleanse your skin and provide it with intensive and long-lasting care"

Suhada Nature Exfoliating Facial Scrub - Rice-Bamboo
"This facial scrub helps to remove dead skin cells, impurities, make-up and any excess oil. The exfoliating and massaging effect of the scrub stimulates and regenerates the skin. The special combination of rice germ oil and bamboo leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft" 
And I must agree, it (Suhada Nature Exfoliating Facial Scrub - Rice-Bamboo) does do wonders to my skin and makes it incredibly soft, however, I wouldn't recommend this to those who have oily skin, it says helps remove excess oils (liesss) but my t-zone (oily part of my face) felt very oily after using the exfoliator, it's very moisturising as well, but overall it is a rather dandy product, I do prefer the face mask however. Suhada just doesn't beat my trusty ST Ives exfoliator hehe.

I need to learn and improve on my reviewing skills, I find them fun so I shall do more but I never know the right words to use when doing them, hmmm, I hope you enjoyed this little post and until next time