Friday, 3 August 2012

Suhada Nature

My Mum just came back from holiday a few weeks ago and brought me back some goodies to try out and test, now I have never heard of this foreign brand but I must say, this exfoliating scrub and the face mask (ESPECIALLY) is bloody incredibubble. I applied them the same day I got them and I really couldn't stop stroking my face - once my hands got tired, my legs got in the stroking action to (don't judge I'm a little strange) - 

I kinda love the little pot they come in as well, it's the wood that does it for me -  the wooden lid you dirty sausage. I some what love the same, it smells quite coconutty but a bit, I dunno.... nice.

I like the texture of the face mask and exfoliator as well as it's not like the normal cream/gel based exfoliator/face mask you get, these products are powdery substances, well the face mask is powdery, the exfoliator is bits of powdery/shredded bits... anyway, you get the product and combine with Luke-warm water until creamy then BAM mixture is ready.

Suhada Nature - Face Mask Rice-Bamboo
"Suhada Nature Rice-Bamboo face mask harnesses the power of nature to cleanse your skin and provide it with intensive and long-lasting care"

Suhada Nature Exfoliating Facial Scrub - Rice-Bamboo
"This facial scrub helps to remove dead skin cells, impurities, make-up and any excess oil. The exfoliating and massaging effect of the scrub stimulates and regenerates the skin. The special combination of rice germ oil and bamboo leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft" 
And I must agree, it (Suhada Nature Exfoliating Facial Scrub - Rice-Bamboo) does do wonders to my skin and makes it incredibly soft, however, I wouldn't recommend this to those who have oily skin, it says helps remove excess oils (liesss) but my t-zone (oily part of my face) felt very oily after using the exfoliator, it's very moisturising as well, but overall it is a rather dandy product, I do prefer the face mask however. Suhada just doesn't beat my trusty ST Ives exfoliator hehe.

I need to learn and improve on my reviewing skills, I find them fun so I shall do more but I never know the right words to use when doing them, hmmm, I hope you enjoyed this little post and until next time 


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