Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Another Year ... 2012

     2012 seemed to just flash on by didn't it? It feels like yesterday when I was at a party counting down from 10, already a little bit oo-haa-haa from some mysterious water looking substance, welcoming 2012 with a massive cheer and a rather embarrassing fall, and now, we're in 2013, I don't know about you, but I really dislike odd numbers. Like last year, I am doing a little Best Of post.. this is now my little blogs tradition YEY! Also, unlike last year, this year seemed to be very music orientated, twas hard narrowing things down, but here goes ... oh and remember when the world ended ? neither do I hahaha (I did write this post before the 21st so it'll be a bit awkward if the world really did end) ...
My current Favourites
I was debating on whether to include One Directions albums above, but not everyone excepts my love for the five boys - My friend is currently sitting in front of me shaking her head in shame when I confessed to having a private concert (on my ones) singing and dancing to their album, twas a good night that was 
(judge me)
But yes, unlike last time (Best Of 2011), I shan't go on a massive rave about the whole album as that was rather long and as times have past, I've become lazy-er, so I'll just mention my favourite song from the album 
plus the name and you could go have a listen and judge for yee selves, simples 
(click on the song and/or album name so you can hear a preview of the album/my favourite song)

Of Monsters and Men ; My Head Is An Animal - Favourite song : Mountain Sound however for some reason, if you listen to Your Bones in the album, do you get a Pocahontas vibe as well, or is it just me?
Walk The Moon : Walk The Moon (very original guys) - Favourite song : Anna Sun. I only discovered these  guys a few months ago via a Youtube ad. however much I hate the ads on Youtube, must say, some are rather convenient   
Jake Bugg - Favourite song : this was hard, It's between Lightning Bolt and Two Fingers . Don't you just love his some what old fashioned, Irish/Somerset country voice (how I'd describe it) His album is my music crush at the moment.

Loooky 'ere, Tay Tay and 1D has come to join the party, coincidence actually as Taylor has Swiftly taken Harry away from me, stylishly... see what I did there ;) and both their musics are on there...I don't even know where I was going with that. but Hey Ho,

Fun. : Some Nights - Favourite song : We are Young, This song just reminds me of summer 2012, good times, good times. If you haven't heard of it before, have you been living under a rock?
Mumford and Sons : Babel - Favourite song : Reminder . such a beautiful song. Like Jake Bugg, Mumford and Sons' music remind me of something you would of heard in an Irish Pub in the countryside back in the day, such beauty. 
The Lumineers - Favourite song : Big Parade 
Taylor Swift : Red - Favourite song : I Knew You Were Trouble.  (I wonder who this one is about)
The xx  : Coexist - Favourite song : Angels 
One Direction : Take Me Home - Favourite Song : Little Things. I love the fact that in the album you can really tell what songs Ed Sheeran wrote for them, go listen and have a guess. Harry Styles.That's all.
Little Comets : Life is Elsewhere - Favourite song : A Little Opus . I find their music and lyrics so much fun to sing along to.
The Vaccines : Come Of Age - Favourite song : I always Knew. Trying to contain myself from bursting into a spontaneous sing-a-long and a dramatic hand gestured dance err thing right now whilst this plays away in the background.. I might be doing a cheeky little bum shuffle though ;)

   And my favourite EP's 
and now, because I am totally in love with these three bands, I thought they needed a bit more recognition.

Bastille : Just go listen to all their music, I discovered them in August with Flaws, and they're my new favourite addiction. 
and finally, to finish off this rather long Music Section Daughter - Youth  such a beautiful song and voice.

And it continues, if you're still reading, that's pure dedication right there, good on ya! ;)
I was rather disappointed with films this year, unlike last year, there wasn't many good, memorable films playing on the big screens, don't get me wrong, I went and saw a-hellavolot of films but I just didn't seem enjoy the majority, that or I forget that I'd even seen the film a few hours later, twas all rather meh
(click the names to watch the trailer, arn't I good to you)
Perks Of Being a Wallflower : Beautiful film, made me weep like a baby. I wasn't very convinced with Emma Watson's american accent though, dunno if it was just me, but whatever, I liked seeing her out of the whole Harry Pots franchise, she pulled it off well also I loved the main character 'Charlie' such a cutie pie.

Five Year Engagement : I think I've seen this film a millions times now. I randomly went to watch it as we missed the last Magic Mike viewing so we were like okay, lets just go watch this, not having much faith in the film, as the trailer looked rather meh, but oh my, this was a good film, rather long though, but it made me chuckle.. a lot.

The Dark Knight : after the 4th time watching this film I finally understood what was happening at the beginning, I felt a bit silly when I finally got it, but this set my film expectations very very high, brilliant film and Anne Hathaway made an amazing cat woman.

21 Jump Street : Funny Funny FUNNY film! It made me so happy, was better than that other crappy film Channing Tatum was in this year *cough magic mike cough* 

Project X : If you've seen this, didn't it just make you want to have a party? I know I wanted to shake my tail feather and let my hair down, why wasn't I invited to this party? I actually had to wait for this to come out on DVD to watch it as SOME PEOPLE were not old enough to watch it in the cinema yet....

Skyfall : The name is Bond, James Bond. I think you all know, this is an awesome film, Whilst watching the Graham Norton Show a few weeks back when he had the actors on his lovely red sofa (where is she going with this they ask) I found the secret to finding your Bond Girls name, It's basically, your mothers maiden name and what you called your naughty bits when you were younger.

Spiderman could of been included, however, I didn't really enjoy it as much, don't get me wrong, it was good but  I was mainly focused on Andrew Garfield's bottom in that tight Spiderman suit and concentrating on his face, other than the going ons of the film. Oh and I was also too busy admiring Emma Stone, God I love her, total girl crush, such a babe.

I do Judge books by their covers, well apart from 50 Shades of Grey (worst book ever) if I wasn't intrigued with what everyone was saying about that book and just saw the cover I would of probably not have bought it and I wish I didn't spend my money on all 3 books, such a waste of time and money. You might of guessed already that I never really enjoyed the books, the writing was horrible and the books themselves were extremely repetitive, but at least oestrogen filled females in the UK got us (slightly) out of the recession for buying the books, yaaay us! 

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared : annoyingly long title, but such a funny book.
Monday to Friday Man : A good chicklit, made me chuckle a little. This was one of those books I never wanted to finish reading but wasn't able to put down. Good story line, loved the characters! 
The Night Circus : Really is a marvellous book, Truly dazzling and imaginative. I read this in the summer, and I think  I stayed up until 5 in the morning reading it (finished it in a weekend, dedication), I obviously enjoyed it a bit too much, but who's there to judge aye.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower  : I made sure I read this before watching the film, and just like the film, beautiful, this is when I first fell in love with Charlie, such an amazing character, you really do feel connected to him in a way and feel what he feels.
From Notting Hill to New York ... Actually : I bought this because I loved the first book (from Notting Hill with Love Actually) and I really wanted to follow Scarlett's (protagonist) movie obsessed journey again.  Enjoyable read and such a cute ending. I enjoyed every moment. I want to read more on Sean and Scarlett Ali McNamara pleeeeease.

I'm so bad at reviewing books, mainly because if I get too into it, I might not be able to stop myself from spoiling it all hehe.

Author Of The Year : Lindsey Kelk

I only discovered this lady, accidentally, this year, a few months ago actually, whilst making a quick, book cover judging decision in Tesco for a long trip down to Brighton, but it was a bloody good decision I say as she's beaten my love for Sophie Kinsella (wot?!)
And did you actually think after writing a whole blog post on it, The Single Girls To Do List was not going to be part of this? I'm currently half way into I heart New York and already struggling to put it down. I am eyeing it ever so slyly whilst writing all this ;) 
Now if you don't know about the I heart series, it's an easy going, fun, enjoyable chicklit series that takes you on a journey with Angela Clark (main character) as she travels to gorgeous destinations, fleeing from her cheating boyfriend. I love me a good chicklit, I can't wait to read the rest! 
I don't think I really need to talk about The Single Girls To Do List seen as I did a whole blog post on it (here) twas a ravishing book.

So, That's all Folks, I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you all have yourselves a wonderful start to the year, I wonder how long my resolutions are going to last this year, hehe


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