Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Snazzy Stoof...

Hello Lovelys..
This week i took some photos for my photography work (which i have realised i am falling a tad behind on...crap!) i really liked the photo's and my lovely models; Samira, Kubra and Shannon had fought in tough weather conditions and instructions from well yours truely, booyah. Poor Kubra and Shannon were in a forest, wearing really thin clothing in this magnificent British weather, for about half an hour each. where we got disrupted by yapping dogs jumping on the models (made my day) and police men, holding blue tape, looking for what i believe a dead body somewhere around the forest, slightly horrifying, which made me jumpy throughout the rest of the shoot, and everyman i saw was a suspect O_O 

I shall start with my little cousin, Samira's Shoot (she's 8)the shoot is documenting child exploitation in things like beauty pageants and of course the French Vogue Magazine that featured a 10 year old girl looking like an adult and doing quite provocative poses.
you can read about that here --> CLICK ME TO READ THE ARTICLE!!
I never went to extreme extent with the photo's, i just added make-up and so far (with permission from parents) and so far you can see that make-up don't belong on little children, but here's a few of my favourite pictures from the shoot;
She soo pretty and looks up to me which makes me feel special :D
 Now comes the Dramatic fashion (avant guard) part of my project, such snazzy photos and here's a few i really loved!
I would like to thank Kubra and Shannon for agrreing to do this shoot for me and all that they had to go through, epecially Kubra, going on the bus in that makeup haha <3
So yeah, that was my photoshooting, the makeup took ages to do, but in the end i did succeed and i am really loving the tree branch makeup, started off as an accident, then BAM i fixed it :')

I think this was the longest blog i have ever done so far, i'm slightly proud of myself, a blog will be up tomorrow or firday (or both days) and one on new years or new years eve, hehe 
but for now, 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

It's Christmaaas....

   You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town. He see's you when your sleeping...... CREEP! i remember when i found out Father Christmas wasn't real, i cried, well i mainly cried because I realised that there's no such things as flying reindeers and all my hopes of stealing a reindeer from santa and riding it to school and be one of them 'cool kids' had crashed down and BURNED!...kinda happy Santa isn't real though, he's blatantly a paedophile, making children sit on his lap, talking about the first thing that pops up ahaha couldn't resist
    SO as it's CHRISTMAS, here a picture of me looking like a complete DICKHEAD and all things jolly <3
Looking like a complete Douche in a santa hat.
Looking at my Christmas tree, i'm like oooh so many presents, so i decided to have a look through and notice that 80% of them belong to my little sister...BAHH HUMBUG!, and the excuse for this madness 'my birthday was 3 weeks ago'..... feeling so much lurve right now...
I got a tad snappy happy with my Christmas tree aswell, the photos actually make me feel all festive and GOLLY...

Mr Tiddles looking spanking, must say

 Watching the only way is Essexmas (oooooh clever...clever) has really put me in the mood to pack my stuff and jet off to Lapland (which i recently found out is in Norway) *UPDATE [FAIL! Lapland is actually in Finland...*stupid moment*] i just really want to sit on a foreign Santa lap and wish for things like poisonous frogs---ahhh Joey Essex, roll around in the snow after getting out of the hot tub, then i shall sit round the fire place (on my ones) with some hot creamy coco, watching festive faves such as ELF, a Christmas Carol, The Grinch (SEXYNESS) Santa Claus, The Holiday...oh Jude Law, Narnia and of course HOME ALONE, there's more... 
But today i shall lounge around in my Jammy's, open me pressies, drink some hot chocolate of course, cook food (apparently) and sit down on me sofa watching some good old tele DOCTOR WHO!!
I have a snazzy New Years Blog planned out, but hopefully i will blog before new years (something fashion related hehe)
I shall now leave you all to enjoy a wonderful Christmas, with family and loved ones or erm cats, don't be a SCROOOOGE now hehe...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Double Whammmy...

As i haven't blogged since Monday, i decided to treat the 2 people reading this blog (myself dressed as a smurf and my boyfriend, who only comes on here to take the piss, thanks babes) and write this blog about CHELSEA BOOOOOOTS! as many people might know  (people who know me and a random old lady on the bus with me one time, such a darling) i have the BIGGEST obession with chelsea boots, they are just so bloody pretty, so i decided to blog about them hehe.... :D
They soooo prettty <3

 Ahhh looking at them is like viagra for the eyes <3 
Unfortunately, they don't belong to me (the socks do though) they are my friends (Ellie-kins) and if i was a size 8 feet size (i'm a 3) i would defiantly borrow these and misteriously lose them whenever she asks for them back, winning ;) 

Chelsea boots - £65 Topshop 
Jolly dazzeling socks - £3.99 H&M

Ahhh i'm all blogged out now. LOVE YA <3 xxx

Monday, 12 December 2011


Bit of Photography...
Don't you just love looking at silhouetted photographs and thinking wow! Well, I know I do (then again i find a lot of things amusing), especially the whole sunset type ones, which just look and feel so relaxing and peaceful. So for a photography project, a friend and I decided to take a shot at the whole shadowed snazzy photography. these are the results...
For some reason, this tend to remind me of
Pirates of the Caribbean, ooh my mind :')
My hair was on the Einstein Flex...blates...
Always wanted to take a photo of the hearty thing, I can proudly say that i can now tick it off my list :'D 


Ahh lovely random couple who came to England for a holiday (dunno why) we found taking a stroll who agreed to be photographed, well the woman did, the guy was a tad difficult but his misses persuaded him. His face was priceless when i mentioned money, he didn't see that i was joking, made my day :') 
After the photo was taken we showed the lady the photo and she said "ooh yes yes, send me?" and i was like yeah sure why now, just let me write your email address and i shall send them to you (mind you this was taken in September) she was like "no no, let me write" gave her my note book, she wrote her email in some fancy pansy handwriting, which i looked at and was like WTF? woman, really? so i just smiled and waved, then looked back at the book in a confused mind set, thinking, why didn't she just let me write it, her email address wasn't even English which didn't really help. tried to make out the email address but every way i interpret it was wrong...ahh wells....difficult tourists

Possibly my favourite photo of the day <3
Well that's me done, i shall do an outfit of the day tomorrow, when i look less of a stressed trammpy troll of Narnia hehe 
           Laterinoo Babycakes <3 xx

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Collars and London Boy...

I believe that i now truly have an obsession with thee olde' peter-pan collars, mainly cos i like the fact they're named after the greatest children stories ever made, not to mention the movie (who ever knew captain hook could be such a sexy beast) hehe. Here's a little black dress i have received as a present from the 'lovely' aunty of mine.
I really love this dress, i know that it's from KRISP, don't know the price though. i added  a little black silky ribbon for a belt, as it didn't look as flattering without one. 

Collars are a tad big this season, and are great if you're going for the whole 'London Boy' look... and as you can see on the left, river island gives you great tips on how to pull of the whole London Boy trend. 

<-- I absolutely adore this style, and i'll defiantly be purchasing a snazzy tux blazer and some spanking chino's. the thought of me in Trousers/Jeans will probably scare my friends a little (i live off tights, leggings, skirts, dresses, a bit of leg doesn't hurt anyone) hehe :')

Right, i hope you all have a lovely Saturday, i know i will by writing a total of 6 essays due in for friday...this is why procrastination is bad :( 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Just a little something I threw on...

 An outfit you say...i say YES! thought i should post up my first fashion related blog, with a big grin on my face :D
it's a peter pan collar babeeeeyy

Some Hot pants with that, oi oi - and a spotty belt
Some swanky suede Lace up Wedges...LOVES <3

And you end up with this, sorreh it's from a mirror, all the non mirrored ones, well lets just say my face looked a bit ..... yeah.

Add some knee highs and black sheer tights and you're ready to a party that is, imagine going to college like this :') it's quite a daring outfit, undo any of the buttons and well, i will be a hooker for the night, loovely.

Top - £10 Primark
Shorts- £5 H&M (bought for jogging...that never happened though)
Belt- Tesco (from when i was 13 lool)
Shoes - £28
Tights - £2.50  Primark (body shaper)
knee highs - £2 or something Primark :)