Friday, 9 December 2011

Just a little something I threw on...

 An outfit you say...i say YES! thought i should post up my first fashion related blog, with a big grin on my face :D
it's a peter pan collar babeeeeyy

Some Hot pants with that, oi oi - and a spotty belt
Some swanky suede Lace up Wedges...LOVES <3

And you end up with this, sorreh it's from a mirror, all the non mirrored ones, well lets just say my face looked a bit ..... yeah.

Add some knee highs and black sheer tights and you're ready to a party that is, imagine going to college like this :') it's quite a daring outfit, undo any of the buttons and well, i will be a hooker for the night, loovely.

Top - £10 Primark
Shorts- £5 H&M (bought for jogging...that never happened though)
Belt- Tesco (from when i was 13 lool)
Shoes - £28
Tights - £2.50  Primark (body shaper)
knee highs - £2 or something Primark :) 


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