Sunday, 25 December 2011

It's Christmaaas....

   You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i'm telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town. He see's you when your sleeping...... CREEP! i remember when i found out Father Christmas wasn't real, i cried, well i mainly cried because I realised that there's no such things as flying reindeers and all my hopes of stealing a reindeer from santa and riding it to school and be one of them 'cool kids' had crashed down and BURNED!...kinda happy Santa isn't real though, he's blatantly a paedophile, making children sit on his lap, talking about the first thing that pops up ahaha couldn't resist
    SO as it's CHRISTMAS, here a picture of me looking like a complete DICKHEAD and all things jolly <3
Looking like a complete Douche in a santa hat.
Looking at my Christmas tree, i'm like oooh so many presents, so i decided to have a look through and notice that 80% of them belong to my little sister...BAHH HUMBUG!, and the excuse for this madness 'my birthday was 3 weeks ago'..... feeling so much lurve right now...
I got a tad snappy happy with my Christmas tree aswell, the photos actually make me feel all festive and GOLLY...

Mr Tiddles looking spanking, must say

 Watching the only way is Essexmas (oooooh clever...clever) has really put me in the mood to pack my stuff and jet off to Lapland (which i recently found out is in Norway) *UPDATE [FAIL! Lapland is actually in Finland...*stupid moment*] i just really want to sit on a foreign Santa lap and wish for things like poisonous frogs---ahhh Joey Essex, roll around in the snow after getting out of the hot tub, then i shall sit round the fire place (on my ones) with some hot creamy coco, watching festive faves such as ELF, a Christmas Carol, The Grinch (SEXYNESS) Santa Claus, The Holiday...oh Jude Law, Narnia and of course HOME ALONE, there's more... 
But today i shall lounge around in my Jammy's, open me pressies, drink some hot chocolate of course, cook food (apparently) and sit down on me sofa watching some good old tele DOCTOR WHO!!
I have a snazzy New Years Blog planned out, but hopefully i will blog before new years (something fashion related hehe)
I shall now leave you all to enjoy a wonderful Christmas, with family and loved ones or erm cats, don't be a SCROOOOGE now hehe...

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