Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Just a quick post... 
I hope you all had yourselves a wonderful Christmas.
Christmas :  the day when diets don't exist and you have the excuse to be lazy and tell extremely bad jokes.
I remember talking to my friend on Christmas Eve both agreeing we miss the good old days when we believed in Santa's existence, it was all so much more exciting then, now, we're more excited about the food and films. I Didn't take a lot of photo's on Tuesday as I was too excited to eat all the roasted potatoes in sight and catch the Doctor Who Christmas special to even remember the existence of my cellular device, but these will do, my 'not-very-exciting-but-good-enough Christmas/Eve/Boxing Day snaps' :)
Tree Decor / Buddy the Elf / Santa Claus himself / Little Sister / Presents / Nail Vanish Gift, sparkly hehe / Christmas Eve, how many drinks did the restaurant think I needed? / lovely lippy / Santa's Little Helper 
Christmas : Done, 
Bring on New Year, the day where there are no alcohol limits or rules; believe me, when I went to Southbank for the firework displays (always a bad idea) even the police were completely (as we say in the UK) wankered, so yeah, anything is acceptable on New Year .. apparently. 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Falalalalaa lala la laaa

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go... my neighbours have actually gone all out this year, there's a brightly lit reindeer (not a real one of course) chilling with Santa on their front lawn which has been buried in lights, quite pretty but...  I'd hate to see their electricity bill.
In the spirit of things, I've decided to do the Christmas Tag. I Initially wanted to film this with my friend, whilst we rock hideous knitted Christmas jumpers and Santa hats, as I thought it'd be nice to do a video, a nice change, but when we got prepared on doing so, we found out my camera had malfunctioned and been meddled with, in other words, it's broken, oh dear. Oh, side note.. I'd like to apologise for my lacking in posts and how not exciting they are at the moment, they shall get better within the New Year, I've just been incredibly busy recently to do the posts I've been planning on doing, but yes, here goes :) 

What's Your Favourite Holiday Movies? 
Oh there's too many, Elf, Home Alone 1 and 2, A Christmas Carol, I do love me an old fashioned film or 2, Love Actually, there's many more

What Are Your Favourite Christmas Colours? 
Red, the red lippy always comes out to play around this time of year and glitter, that's not a colour but I love sparkly things around this time of year

Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas? 
Dress up, I just like having the excuse on doing so, even if we're not doing anything that big during the day, and everyone is lounging around in their jammies, I will be the one troddoling around in a floor length gown.

Do You Open Your Presents Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?  Christmas morning

Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House? 
No, but I really want to, however, I'm not a fan of Gingerbread, so that might be a slight issue

What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break? 
Drink a lot of Hot Chocolate, shopping, parties, It's that time of the year when everyone is home from uni/school so we all just hang out and catch up, but when reaching a certain age, New Years becomes the most exciting time in December 

Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat? 
ROASTED POTATOES and parsnips! I'm making Christmas dinner this year ... my thoughts go out to my family who has to eat the food (not the greatest cook)

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I have actually, when I went over to Germany for Christmas with the Grandparents a few years back. Christmas is so beautiful over there. I remember when I went to a German Market and got one of those gingerbread heart things with words written on them (forgot the name) and I tried to eat one, only to find out this one was made of sand, not gingerbread... it wasn't nice.

Where do you usually spend your Holidays?

Favourite Christmas Song? 
This bad boy and the whole Michael Buble Album, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the wa-ay. Don't know about you, but I really don't like the Mariah Carey Christmas song... (Scrooge)

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? 
It's fake this year, due to my little sister, she's already pulling and breaking the decorating from the tree, imagine having a real one?

What would be your dream place to visit for the Holiday Season?
New York, in all the films it looks lovely there around this time of year 

What made you realise the truth about Santa?
What do you mean the truth about Santa?

Merry Christmas !

Monday, 3 December 2012

Smell Me

Miss Dior/Valentina/Daisy/Jimmy Choo/Naughty Alice
If you haven't noticed already, clearly you won't make a good Sherlock Holmes, I am a massive fan of things that smell amazing ...  or people .. yes, I am that freak that will sniff a great smelling stranger in front of her in a line at Tesco, with no shame...okay maybe a little bit of shame, but don't tell me you won't try to vigorously breath a good smelling strangers scent in that little moment you share together before they toddle off to live their lives, thought so ;) ... But yes, whilst finally getting round to tidying and organizing my room today, I decided to procrastinate a little (meaning I have found a reason to tidy another day hehe) and write a lovely blog on my current perfume collection and I thought this would be a fair review as if you squint and see, most of the smelly goodness are nearly done for *tear tear* meaning I've obviously been enjoying my little scents, a little too much sometimes. RIP Jimmy Choo :(
I think I go a tad mental when it comes to applying perfumes, this could be because I went to an all girl secondary school, and if you too went to an all girl school, you'll probably understand that smelling good was the key to avoid any bitching torture throughout the 5 ...err glorious years of an all girl secondary school, as well as shaving and avoiding a conversation about a little date you had with a guy from the neighbouring all boys school with anyone other than your own little group of friends otherwise you were automatically considered a Sl.. oh us girls, anyway, my group of girlies were pretty much obsessed with finding new great smelling stuffs, starting from body sprays and mists in year 7, Superdrug's own brand and So....? Kiss me/Sinful being a clear winner here; then along came year 10 and we were big girls now, no more training bras, hello boys and bye bye body sprays and hello Vera Wang Princess (which would of been included in this post, but it's at mothers, I might do my own little blog on my love for Vera Wang later on though, I have an unhealthy obsession) Anyhow, let's get cracking!

Miss Dior : Such a beautiful, sexy feminine fragrance. It lasts long on the body, which I hoped for due to the alarming price tag, and has got me a few compliments from people on a night out, which is always an added self-esteem boost. I tend to only wear this on special occasions though, as I think the scent is too elegantly rich for an everyday scent, that and I don't want to finish it so quickly. I think the bottle is cute and sophisticated looking too. If you're into sweet, feminine, flowery fragrances, I'll highly recommend it, it's not for everyone though so go to your local perfumey store and give it a bit of a wiff.

Valentino Valentina : Ahhhh, absolutely in love with this perfume. I received it as a gift on my birthday last year, and at first I was spraying it on myself like crazy, and when I noticed the perfume being half way down the bottle I had to regain some self control. It's so beautiful and feminine and soft enough to wear everyday, not over powering at all. The floral scents give it that sexy edge. It's very long lasting and so girly, also look at the bottle, beauty!

Marc Jacobs Daisy : The bottle is just so cute. The perfume is summery and confident. It's not too strong but again not too light, it's very long lasting and just so beautiful for night time. It has a fresh florally scent, that burst with femininity and fun but ravels with sexiness. Definitely my favourite summer time night time scent.

Jimmy Choo : I got this as a Christmas present last year, and to begin with, I was really unsure as to whether I liked it or not, this could of been because, I just got a little too used to my little Valentina. However, after using it a few times, it didn't take long for me to get addicted. Like the Valentina, it is very soft and can be worn everyday  It lasts ages on the clothes and body and the bottle is an absolute delight to have around in me little bedroom. The fragrance is girlie and sweet but very sophisticated and ridiculously sexy. The smell differs from other perfumes I've tried and tested as I normally go for the all girly scents, but with this, I feel like a lady.

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice : This is just an incredibly sexy fragrance, oh my. It's more of a powdery, musky scent but it's fun and flirtatious, not too sophisticated or serious and will just make you feel so girly and lovely. It does remind me of baby powder though, but that's not an issue as I do like the smell of baby powder quite a bit is that weird?  The scent is long lasting and I tend to wear it as an everyday perfume. However, I did get a tad bored of it, I've had it for a year and a half or so now, The reason being, the lovely Diesel perfume came into the picture, but it has been re-discovered and I have taken upon myself to spritz a little on myself right now, I can honestly say I am truly enjoying sniffing myself whilst writing this blog.

Chloe/Flight of Fancy/Diesel
Chloe ChloĆ© : The newest to the family, I got this in July and I'm using it cautiously. This is such a beautiful perfume, not overpowering, It's light, not too sweet, It's a subtle feminine scent, great for daytime perfume or a date night. I am in love with it and have been wearing it quite a lot when it comes to special night outs. Very long lasting and such a romantic scent. This is what I believe Juliette (Romeo and Juliette) probably smelt like, subtle roses bursting with innocent femininity.

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy : As you can see, I only have a little bit left as I used this pretty much daily over the course of summer, but anyway, it's not an expensive perfume, therefore easy to replace. I got this in the summer, and me being more of a floral, feminine scent kinda gal and not really liking the whole fruity scents, I was surprised I liked this scent, It was quite sweet and fruity but with floral hints, I found it perfect for the Summer. It's fun and a happy scent, It smells fresh and clean, This is what I'd imagine unicorns smelling like, the only issue I have with it, is it doesn't last very long, after 30 minutes, I can no longer notice it, so I do what  I believe is the reason it's gone so quickly, spray some more.

Diesel Fuel for life: And last but not least, my lovely Diesel, this is my second purchase and it's nearly gone. I've been using this scent for a while now and  I always find myself coming back to it. It's not expensive, at a reasonable price compared to some *cough DIOR cough*. It's a very recognisable scent and lasts for absolutely ages. It's a innocent yet sensual, sexy smell, very attractive but I can't really describe it. It's not floral or fruity, powdery, yes, but I dunno, either way, it's a beautiful perfume and is my favourite to run back to. It can be used both daytime and evening, It's not overpowering, but you know it's there and when wearing it, prepare for the compliment galore. 

I am terribly bad at describing scents and perfumes, so I hope I got the point across (that I thoroughly enjoy spraying myself with these beauties)