Thursday, 12 January 2012

Buttons it oop...OOTD!

Ello :)
Just something i picked off my floor this morning: they were clean don't worry. my clean clothes happen to be  kept on my floor whilst the laundry is kept neatly in it's cute little basket, i'm quite backwards with life rules :') 
So i was 20mins late to college this morning, all because of a chicken family crossing the road...and no i'm not making that up, that was the actual reason. all they were doing was flopping about the road, entertained me though, not gonna lie. 
anyhow to thee all mighty outfit of the day, i couldn't get anyone to take a good photo, so the angles etc etc makes me look a tad unflattering, oh and i forgot my camera at my dads, so i had to use my phone camera, sorry for the bad quality...hope you like.

Blue Blazer Jacket thang; H&M (forgot the price, very helpful- also, i got it quite a while agoo)
Shoes; (they're not there anymore)
Shirrrt; stole of thee bro, Blue Inc
Cardi: Topman (Sale) erm £30 pounds i think
Scarf; H&M 
Leggings: H&M 
Showing a lotta love for H&M today hehe :')

sooo that was mee for today, i shall be back and blog about stuff soon, hopefully this weekend if i remember...
                     LOVE YAS <3 xoxo