Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chelsea boots...

As I am trying to write this blog, my dad is busy singing the house down. ever since he got that karaoke machine t seems like my house has turned into a one man karaoke night bar, 24/7. Poor sister of mine, she's only a baby and his singing of you raise me up in a what I believe is a confused robot who believe he's yoda? is making her howl, literally,....
anyways, so last week, i was getting ready for college, already going to be 10mins late, the doorbell rang, i opened the door and there stood the post man, who has seen me semi-naked before, he always comes at the wrong time, i bet he loves my house, anyways, he was carrying a big ASOS box and from then on i was jumping for joy and shrieking, he did give me funny looks, i slammed the door in his face, by accident of course, i was too excited, ran to my brothers room, woke him up by screaming ARE THESE MY CHELSEA BOOOOOTS! no reply, so i opened the box anyways, and there they were, beautiful things starting back at me, so pretty and perfect. That was the first time i shouted out I LOVE YOOOU to my brother in a loong time and sent 'Ellie' a loong i love you message (they split the price. and here are the lovely things :')

i was 30mins late to college that day, it was worth it :') but I should of asked for the burgundy or brown ones now I think about it ahaha
(this was yesterdays Blog, seems like i failed my challenge, i knew it I'd forget Wednesdays, mainly because, I'm really busy on Wednesdays...kinda haha 
                                                              SEE YAH xoxo
 Chealsea Boots- ASOS £50

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