Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Collars, Cable Knits and horses...

OH Hello...
Ahhh she finally makes a blog about an outfit, i am so proud of myself right now, 3 blogs in one week, i think i deserve a pat on the back, ooh yeahh ;)
so here's thee odd clothes i threw on today, hope you like :)
Excuse the hamish face lool :')
 <-- As you can see, the collar madness has returned .

wore this outfit with black leggings , but my camera was being a dickhead today and made all the photos come out extremely shit, easiest way to put it really. 
At first i thought the top had little lions on, appears it's horses hehe, lions remind me of narnia. The top is also see through, titays will be on sho' and on me (cos i'm tiny) it comes down to me thighs 

Top: ZARA (soo pretty) 
Jumper: Burton (it has a price but it belongs to thee olde boyfriend so i dunno) 
Owl Earring: Primark £1.50 (i think)
Shooooes: £45 : me aunt bought them for me, well herself, but as i've had them for 3 months now, she let me keep them, hehe :')

I shall go start my 3000 word essay due tomorrow for photography now...seriously, what am i doing with my life, I'M SCREWED! 


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