Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Looking like a douche in Spots...

Before i start, i would like to wish everyone a (belated) 
As i didn't do a fashion blog and i kinda said i'd blog last week (little fib there) here's me in a spotty shirt that i adore; and that got completely ruined and don't own anymore, kinda sad the way it got ruined, lets keep thos short, i was filming my music video (for media) and my lovely actor pushed me in dog shit..... i was not very happy...RIP TOP!  

Frankie Cocozza blates stole my hair! just sayin...
I really do love collars, they are actually one of my favourite type of clothing i have been enjoying wearing recently, and i am sure i'll be parading around in them alot during 2012, WOW! feels so bloody wierd saying that and as always, my arm is always full of snazzy bracelets, LOVE THE BRACELETS, might do a bracelet thing soon, i shan't promise because i'll possibly break it again, due to laziness and over load of work hehe, excuses.

Spotty Top : Vintage (stole from my lovely mother)
Religious Bracelet: Camden Market 70p
Wrap around Bracelet: Primark £1.50 (i could be making that price up as i forgot the actual price, hehe)


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