Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I believe two is better than one...

Just a mini blog of an outfit + things i kinda WANT hehehehe 
I would also add a long necklace and some snazzy socks that i'll roll down with the shoes, also some braclets and a ring or 2 or 3 :') hehe i'd wear one of the earrings on one ear (possibly my right ear) with a studded earring on the other ear.
Hope you likeee

Jumper: Topshop £36 (oversized is snazzy to me)
Chelsea Booooots: Topshop £65 
Earrings: Topshop £6.50 (you can see a pattern for my love of topshop here)
Collard shirt: River island £30 (COLLARS WOO!) 
and the tights can be bought from anywhere, cheapest (but quite crap quality) can be found in primark for £1.50 or £2 as they've started to get stingy with their pricing nowadays .... hmmm.

YUP YUP that's me done, I shall blog again sooo, TA TA FOR NOW! xxx

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