Saturday, 10 December 2011

Collars and London Boy...

I believe that i now truly have an obsession with thee olde' peter-pan collars, mainly cos i like the fact they're named after the greatest children stories ever made, not to mention the movie (who ever knew captain hook could be such a sexy beast) hehe. Here's a little black dress i have received as a present from the 'lovely' aunty of mine.
I really love this dress, i know that it's from KRISP, don't know the price though. i added  a little black silky ribbon for a belt, as it didn't look as flattering without one. 

Collars are a tad big this season, and are great if you're going for the whole 'London Boy' look... and as you can see on the left, river island gives you great tips on how to pull of the whole London Boy trend. 

<-- I absolutely adore this style, and i'll defiantly be purchasing a snazzy tux blazer and some spanking chino's. the thought of me in Trousers/Jeans will probably scare my friends a little (i live off tights, leggings, skirts, dresses, a bit of leg doesn't hurt anyone) hehe :')

Right, i hope you all have a lovely Saturday, i know i will by writing a total of 6 essays due in for friday...this is why procrastination is bad :( 

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