Friday, 15 June 2012


This is, a Graze Box, and inside this wondrous, mysterious and somewhat very attractive box, we get FOOD, well, snacks. I first discovered Graze whilst opening my pretty pretty Company magazine and the little ad for the Grazin' company dropped out, so I was like hmmmmm, a free box of food, how can I say no to that. So I signed up a month ago and have been hooked by the scrumptious things this box gives me. But before they sent me one I had to rate what I'd like and what I didn't, making sure I don't receive anything I despise or pineapple due to allergies and from the rating I noticed how picky and fussy I was about food, oops. And so, a month and 5 boxes later, I decided to share my Graze experience and I might do a blog post of what I get weekly, if I'm bothered that is...

This was the content of my box this week and I must say, I really didn't like this box, compared to other boxes I got a few weeks ago, this was probably the worst. I only liked 1 thing from this box and could tolerate one other, the rest were just an insult to my taste buds. However, in the past I enjoyed the boxes I received, I mean it's not all going to include something that floats my boat and the best box was last weeks - Graze do really good FLAPJACKS and if they add in snazzy nuts in, it's a winning combination ooh and their Korean Chilli Crackers things A-MAZ-ING!
Excuse the pathetic-ness of the image thingy I tried to make, Photoshop was causing me a lot of misery with it loading EXTREMELY slow, so I had to go with the old fashioned root and use Paint, who knew the childhood 'hero' programme that kept me mentally sane during boring days (other than the Sims) actually came in handy after all. I do apologise for the horridness but you can always click to make it bigger surely ;)
In today's Graze box I got:
  • Rock The Casbah - pumpkin seeds, walnuts and dates (tolerated)
  • Love Mix - cherries, apricots and goji berries (I have no idea what goji berries are but I really didn't like this 'love mix thing')
  • Honeycomb Flapjacks - rustic rolled flapjack with honeycomb and milk chocolate (must i was a WIN) 
  • and finally we have the worst of worst, just thinking about the taste makes me taste bud shiver Authentic Korai Chutney and Baked Curry Bits....never again.

Ooooh almost forgot to mention, with every box you receive, they give you one of these bad boys 
Don't know why but I always read sesame as semen hahaha
which I think is rather useful. And what's snazzier about the whole graze thing, is that it arrives through your letter box, making life a hell of a lot easier. I find it amusing like my postman is the magic graze fairy and when I wake up BAM, I got grazed ;)
So yasss, I hope you enjoyed my little Graze Box thing, you can find out more about the whole box thing on their website oooh and if you want a free Box I got given a code and so will you when you register, so just enter this code:
and BAM just like that, I blogged about something informative, for once YAY! 
anyhow as I have officially finished all my exams and college (WOOO) I am off to celebrate, 
Happy weekend Chums 

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