Sunday, 12 August 2012

Two... c'est tres cliché....

 And it continues, this isn't really my favourite post out of all of them but meh, what the heck, as them hipsters say, YOLO!...gonna go and cut my wrists now, I actually used that horrific word...
I won't lie, but these photos I took because I didn't have anything to edit, etc etc during the millions of hour photography exam. But I do like them in a weird way however much my photography teacher hated them, as they are very much cliché... I was exploring hidden emotions and secrets and added a grainy effect to give them more chracter one would say. 
Although, I guess if I didn't rush these pieces, I  could of done more than sticking a piece of paper with the word 'abused' on the models face and maybe have the models show the emotion, but what the heck, what's done is done.

Just two more left, I promise hehe

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