Sunday, 25 November 2012

It's All About The Back-age

Kimchi Blue Emma Dress £65.00 

So I was browsing through the Urban Outfitters website earlier and found some bloody beautiful dresses! It's all about the Back-age now ladies, and I hope you too will agree on how pretty the back detailing are on these dresses. Only concern, It's a tad chilly right now, why didn't they think of these dress ideas in the summer?

The dress above is my favourite one. I love the mesh detailing and the buttons going down the back of the dress as well as the baroque style detailing along the shoulders and neckline. It's such a delicate dress, and an edgier design to the typical Little Black Dress.

Silence + Noise Party In The Back Dress £125.00

The model looks so serious.... Anyway, this is another one I drooled over whilst on my browsing mission. I absolutely love Love LOVE the gold Grecian-style embellishment and the.... hole, I just find it quite unusual and edgy. When looking at it from the front, it's like hey, I'm sophisticated, then you turn around and it's like BAM.. bitch came here to Paardy!! And as the zip detail goes all the way down, I guess it's easy to take off and to put on, well done UO, however, not liking that price tag...heeeeesh.

Vaudeville & Burlesque Navy Lace Top Dress £65.00

This dress is just so cute! I love the lace detailing and how delicate the dress looks, but again, the black lace roughs it up a bit. The dress is so feminine *sigh*

Times like these is when I wish I had a job...

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