Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Single Girls To Do List : Review

Now I'm pretty sure that a some of you have experienced that horrible feeling of heartbreak, having to rely on Ben and Jerry's for comfort, sobbing in front of the mirror eating a massive slice of chocolate fudge cake (or this might just be me) having the urge to change your appearance, flicking through old photos of them 'happy days', aggressively Facebook/Twitter stalking...not that I did this, of course, loss of appetite, gain in appetite,  crying , feeling better then all a sudden your dad decides to buy you the cereals that he (the now ex) used to eat every morning and the tears start again, the tears will just keep making an appearance for a few days or more depending how bad the situation is... I never realised how good cats are at absorbing tears, until now. But when there's heartbreak, there's those who you love the most around you to help you get through it, These amazing people you ask? Your Best Buds of course!!...and family....or cats... (awks)

I purchased this book a week after me and the ex broke up and because it was a bit premature, I did have a little sob whilst reading, only for the first few pages though, I wasn't that much of an emotional wreck, gawsh gawys! This might of been because within the first pages, you have to follow through a break up and you just had yourself a break up.... memories can be a massive pain in the bottom sometimes. Reading on and I was really able to relate to the character, maybe it was because I was going through what she just went through either way, this book gave me some closure.

The Single Girls To Do List is absolutely hilaar! I absolutely loved all the main characters but Matthew has to be my favourite of them all, he somehow reminds me of one of my friends, bless him, I can't express how much I enjoyed this book, I finished it within a two days (it's not the longest of books) and I was upset when it ended as I just wanted my reading journey to begin all over again. I've never heard of Lindsey Kelk before, but after reading this book, I went out and purchased myself a few cheeky books from her I Heart series hehehehe.

As the Book is called the Single Girls To Do List, me and a buddy decided to conjure up my own little to do list as I thought, it was a bloody good idea! So this is my list:

I wrote this list at the end of September and can proudly say that the majority of the things on this list are COMPLETE *insert victory dance* Doing the list got my mind off the situation and got me busy and as I tend to be a rather competitive individual (I had to complete my new missions within a month) I was on it like a car bonnet (excuse the lame expression, it felt necessary). However, exercise is still in progress .... don't get me wrong, I tried jogging, but nearly collapsed to my death after 5 seconds of it.... and it's cold...

Overall I give the book a 5/5 because it was just brilliant, well written and entertaining, hats off to Lindsey Kelk! If you're into Chick Lit I guarantee you too will enjoy the book, go have a read.

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