Saturday, 11 February 2012

Crash - You Me At Six

As some of you might of read in my best of 2011 blog entry, you would know that i voted Crash by You me at Six as my song of the year, which still is true, and I wrote that I did a music video for this song, for my A2 Media Music Video Coursework err, thingy, and now that i have it and it's done I wanted to share it with you guys :) 
excuse the quality and shizz, HD would of taken too long to upload and i am a very impatient person haha, Also, ignore some of the lip-synch, the lovely Pabel only had a day to learn the words, 
so yes, hope you enjoy :) 
It Took us from 10am to 10pm to shoot this video, I'm happy it was warm though, unusual for England to be warm in November, especially as I had to do a costume change, because for one bit of the video, which we didn't even end up using and it took 4hours to do, Pabel pushed me onto Dog poop, by accident, ruining my top, it was horrid and I was just not in the mood to film any more, yes that's right, I went into DIVA mode. I also got changed in the middle of Oxford Street, had to take off my top and give it to Pabs, which made a man walking quite happy, bless, I can't remember what other significant things happened during the day, but it was a long good successful day, which reminds me, I still have my college's tripod...somewhere. LOL. 


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