Saturday, 11 February 2012

Gettin' Inked...

For all my life, I have always found myself against the old body ink, on myself that is, I love tattoos on others, especially men, come to mama, and have vowed never to get myself a tattoo,  as I'll probably regret it when I'm like 140 and all wrinkled and gangster, however, recently I have been quite obsessed by certain looks of some tattoo's, they're just eye so eye-catchingly beautiful and just fantasticallyooozingly AMAZING! 
So if I were to get a Tatted up, which is quite unlikely as I'd probably collapse at the sight of the buzzing needle, that's not an exaggeration, you should see how I'm like getting an injection, I have to be pinned down and restrained, these are the few I'd consider :)
My Favourite <3
Beautifully elegant and simple.

The Dandelion with the birds is my absolute favourite. LOVE LOVE LOVE
I really do love the simpleness and elegance of these tattoos, if I were to get one, I won't go to the extreme and get a sleeve or a giant skull on my face haha 
The other day i was browsing on Miss Selfridge website (you're probably thinking, OK, what the hell, what has this got to do with tattoos, just wait...) they have a great sale at the moment, and came across these babies...
Yes, Temp tattoos, I was so giddy when I saw them, there's more, but they're of stars, and I'm not a fan of stars. I really love the feather ones, it's just so lovely. However, i do wish they could bring out more designs THE DANDELION ONES! just saying ;) hehe.
I shall soon invest in these and maybe do a blog about it. I'll probably fail at it though. ever since i was a kid, i never mastered the art of successfully transferring Spiderman temporary tattoo's on my arm, I was a very challenged child.
So pop into your nearest Miss Selfridge, if you want, and buy these, they're only £2 

Until Next Time, 
Bon Voyage 
(yeah I used that in the wrong context didn't I) 

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