Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Think I'm In Love...

Ello guys, it's been a while *slowly diverting away from the fact that I broke my oath to blog on Saturday* I have been quite busy, seen as I haven't really been home since last Wednesday hehe.

I was wondering round my room today and thought, oh goodness, I have quite a few products I casually actually fallen in love with, BAZINGA let's blog about them. now the following products I am going to share a truly my all time favourite products that I have been crazily obsessed with ever since I bought them, now this blog is a tad long, but that's mainly because it's overloaded with big imagery also, i am a tad shit rubbish at reviewing and describing things so bare with me :) (oh and sorry about the picture quality, using the phone again. my brother has my camera)
1. St Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub 150ML £1.97 (superdrug) I love love love it! It makes my face feel so smooth, like a baby's bottom, not that i touch babies bottom, that'll just be weird. after using this product my skin looks lovely and clean..
2. VO5 Give Me Moisture Conditioner 500 ml £1.95 (TESCO, they got an offer ;)) I recently bought this, mainly because i have become truely obssessed with VO5's products. i bought the shampoo as well, but I tend to condition more, I love stroking my hair after conditioning. this product is incredibubble! my hair has seem to have gotten a lot more moisturised and the feel it gives to my hair is wonderful. so soft and smooth also, it smells delightful.GRAZIA was right to recommend it ;)
3. Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo 300ML £3.99 (superdrug) 
The Australians have done me proud. i first found Aussie back in July, and ever since then we were inseparable, it was my bit on the side, don't let Elvive Nutri Gloss find out though shhh! (which is also an amazing brand, I love my shampoo's) the products smell absolutely incredible, and they leave your hair feeling all nourished and soft, nom nom nom. 
Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection & Leave In Spray £3.99 (superdrug)  This is my ALL TIME favourite thing to use on me Barnet. it makes my hair feel so smooth and soft and the softness lasts for ages, and it does protect the hair from the mighty heat when blowing...blow drying. oh and did I mention it smells incredible too? I would highly recommend this product. 
VO5 Heat Defence Volume Whipped Mousse 200ml  £3.69 (boots) 
I bought this on Sunday actually. Now I love my mousses and I have left the shockwave curly thingy mousse tribe for the VO5 (because, as I said before, I have fallen in love with the VO5 product ranges) I was really, when I say really I mean REALLY amused by the way the mousse comes out of the can, it reminded me of whipped cream hehe. the product gives me VOLUME, long lasting hold on me curls and has defended me from the horridness of split ends. BOOYAH!
Vo5 Heat Protect Spray 200Ml £3.35 (Tesco)THIS PRODUCT IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. it smells sooo f&*%£"^$^^ing good! everyone who notices the smell of my hair (yes I do have freaks smelling my hair, that's my friends for you hehe) they compliment and ask what I use. my boyfriend loves smelling my hair because of this product. ahhh the smell is Viagra to the nose - other than the smell, the product is amazing with the HEAT and it makes the hair feel all smooth and snazzy, form everything I am going on about today, this is what I recommend the most :')
I have recently started using this product as my Soap and Glory bodaaay butter has ran out :( my mum got me this, and at first (because it didn't have a very exciting cover or whatever) I was like meh...but when I started using it, I figured DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. Marks and Spencer did me good. not only does it smell incredible, but it makes the skin feel so soft and instantly relieves my skin from dryness, especially around my elbows. £2 and just found out they have a new design for the bottles, buying that!! (CHECK OUT THE NEW DESIGN)
I am torn that this body spray is on the verge of death. You do not understand how amazing it smells. wait, amazing is an understatement. AHHHHHHHH!! I don't know where you can get it from as I got it as a present, but one thing I can tell you, is that if you wear this fragrance thingy, people will not stop smelling you. this is my friends, boyfriend etc etc, favourite smell on me, they prefer it to my perfumes, poor Vera Wang. (AMAZON HAS IT, CLICK HERE) also, it stays on the clothes and the smell doesn't die out during the day. I'M IN LOVE! it's amazing, trust me, go buy and try, it won't disappoint, unless you're allergic to it that is....it smells so sexy.
Boots Natural Collection Passion Fruit Body Spray £2 (3 for 2) 
I bought this randomly on Sunday, mainly because I had money and I just wanted to buy something before all the shops closed, so I did. but I am not regretting, this thing is awesome. smells so lovely and fruity, if you like the whole fruity smell. it does make me hungry a bit, but I am sure I can substitute this for a bit until I get more of the Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist I so much adore :')
Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo £1.99 (Tesco) 
It's so cute and tiny, twas love at first sight I tell you. love stronger than Romeo and Juliet..deeeeep.it does what it says, after using it, my hair does feel superly refreshed and revived all day and as its small and compact, I can take it round in me bag, so cute.
Charles Worthington Volume Blow Dry Spray £1.99 (Tesco)
I LOVES IT! it really lifts up my roots when blow drying and gives my nest a luxurious VA-VA-VOOOM, body and bounce.
Born Lippy™ Strawberry Lip Balm £2 
I didn't know whether I should include this, but what the hell, I love this lippy balmy thing. it makes my lips all kissable and smooth, it also tastes really good, it also lasts quite a while, oh and I like the tint or redness it gives to the lips. twas defo worth the 2 squids!!
 Sure Fragrance Collection Bright 250ml  £3.99
this was so random but I am in LOVES with the smell. The purple one I had before is very sticky, and i was scared this would be too but it really isn't. so yeah, you now know how my pitts smell like...sexy stuff ;) oooh and this product really does protect for a very long time, good buy for the summer <3 
Soap & Glory™ The Righteous Butter™ Lotion 250ml £7 or something (BOOTS) 
so sad that it's nearly gone, this is my favourite body lotion EVER! it makes the skins so soft and smell so good. it reduced dryness from  my neglected parts (elbows, they're just effort) and makes them so smooth and soft, they feel loved hehe. i am going to buy more of this lovelyness tomorrow YEEEP.
Soap & Glory™ Thick & Fast™ Mascara False Lash Effect Mascara Superjet black  £10
this was random and probably doesn't fit, but I am soo happy I invested in this! as many might know, I love my mascara and this had made me happy. it makes my lashes look full and a bit longer. LOVE IT!

Ahhhh, that was successful hehe. yess these are my favourite products at the moment and I would really recommend all of them, they're all incredible products.


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