Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stalking Stalking...Stalked!

So a while ago now (I was meant to blog about this) Kubra and I decided to go out and do a little fashion style stalking, after playing game in Oxford St that left me to scream, that's right, scream, I actually ....screamed, when I lost. I WAS WINNING, she cheated. 

the game was called the ginger game, and no we were not making fun of ginger people, in my opinion I rather love ginger hair, it's so pretty, 
especially Karen Gillan's Such a beautiful woman, She was amazing in We'll Take Manhattan. 
She kinda reminds me of Emma Stone... Ah I adore Emma Stone, I watched Crazy Stupid Love again, for the millionth of time. I have a little girl crush on her :')

Ahhh, drifting off topic, casually.
We got to Brick Lane, where we found a huge amount of stylish peoples in, and these were my favourites of the day, Enjoy <3 

 LOL these were the two boys who we subconsciously stalked...they just happened to end up being where ever we went....and yeah, it doesn't help that I took a photo of them without them knowing, from behind....that is quite a stalkerish behaviour, However (I was a girl on a mission), I did like what they were wearing, THEIR JEANS were lovely, especially the burgundy ones, they remind me of the ones my boyfriend has, AHHH BURGUNDY YOU BEAUTIFUL COLOUR!!! <3 

Soooo, This is all for today, However, I will hopefully blog an outfit of the day/night tomorrow and will do more of the street styles things as I'm off shopping tomorrow, but for now, this is goodbye.. hehe.


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