Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lush for Lads....

My brother has never been one of those guys that has been bothered to use facial products etc etc until he started going to college and got himself his first serious girlfriend, who in return introduced to him and made him fall in love with LUSH, who doesn't like a bit of Lush i don't blame him for loving their products, anyhow, whilst snooping around his room the other day, looking for my favourite hoody of his (I do love a good olde American Apparel hoody, SO SOFT!) I came across some products that he has been using recently and of course, I tried some of them out...

Well as I don't shave my face, I decided to test it on my legs, because you know, it's the most logical thing to do..... however, I couldn't go through with it as I hate the smell of this product... has to be said! I think if it was just lavender it would of been lovely but as it's a Lad thing, they added in Wheat-grass and I don't know, it just smelt funky, lovely moisturiser though, thank god it's not mine to use, the smell just puts me off. Bleugh! My brother said it's a rather fine moisturiser though, so if your boy toys birthday is coming up, it's been recommended ;)

 I loved this, my face felt sooo utterly smooth and soft, ahhh just the kind of TLC it needed. I have already planned to go out and get it soon which is exciting. And I don't know if it's just me, but i really do have a thing for the smell of Lime, it just makes everything smell so fresh and reliable and hygienic and healthy and clean and "it will possibly work" .... I think this might of taken the lead on the Facial Scrub department, kicking my beloved St Ives facial scrub out into the old, hmmm.
At first I thought this product was to fight oils on them troublesome oily spots on the face, but it's actually a 'spot treatment', the name was very misleading! but unfortunately I was unable to find a spot on my face so I couldn't test out the product myself, but after an interrogation from my brother about this product, he says "It works for me" and "yeah it's alright" (man with very little words, gosh) Well you heard it here first ladies, Grease Lightening does it's job, the spot job that is (still not over the misleading name, sort it out Lush) 

Oh I do love Lush! 
until next time Toodle Pip 


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